Blue by You FAQs

What is Blue by You?
Blue by You is Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana's online research panel. It gives you, our members, the chance to weigh in on our products and services – even our ad campaigns. This information will help us make improvements and better serve your needs.

How do I become a member?
It's easy – just click here to qualify. Take a brief survey that asks basic questions about you and members in your household. These answers help us find out more about you so that we can invite you to future surveys that fit your interests and needs.

Who can participate?
Anyone 18 years or older who is a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana member may participate in the panel.

What are the benefits of joining?
As a Blue by You member, you have the opportunity to win prizes*:

  • You will be entered in a drawing to win $300.
  • Every time you complete a survey, you will be entered in each of our four drawings held during the year.

For more information, see the Full Contest Rules.

Will my information be kept private?
Your privacy is our top concern. All information you provide will be used only for research purposes. We will not be able to see your individual answers to survey questions.

Will you be able to tell who specifically has given answers to the questions?
No, as stated in our Privacy Policy found on the home page your answers are kept confidential.

How will I know when to take a survey?
We understand your time is valuable. We will e-mail you one or two invitations each month to participate in our online surveys. Click on the link we send (or copy and paste the website into your browser), then simply follow the instructions to complete the survey.

What happens if I no longer wish to participate in the panel?
Included on each invitation and newsletter we send you is a link to unsubscribe. Use that link to discontinue your participation.

Who do I contact if I need help with completing the survey?
Please send an email to If you stop in the middle of a survey, you will return to the exact place you left.

I am an employee of BCBSLA, am I eligible?
Yes, employees of BCBSLA are eligible and are encouraged to join the panel. Due to restrictions set by Human Resources, employees may not receive incentives offered to non-employees. If you have additional questions, please contact the Human Resources Department.

*Blue Cross employees may join Blue by You but are not eligible to win prizes.