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Can I Get Help Paying for Insurance?

This tool will give you an estimate of how much you could pay for health insurance in 2015. It will also tell you whether you are eligible for a tax credit from the government to help pay your premiums.

Enter your household size and your household income, before taxes, in the form below. The form will show you your results in real time.

Important: Do you have health insurance at work?

In most cases, if your employer offers you health insurance, you will not be eligible for a subsidy.

Your Information:


based on a silver-level insurance plan

  • The numbers below assume you will buy a silver-level insurance plan. You can see more information below about how much each level costs and pays for healthcare.
  • In general, if you buy a higher-level plan (gold or platinum), your insurance will pay more of your medical bills. However, your premium will cost more each month. If you choose a bronze plan, your insurance will pay less of your medical bills, but your premiums will be less.

What's the difference between bronze, silver, gold and platinum insurance plans?

Health Care reform divides insurance plans into four levels of coverage and cost.

In each level, your insurance plan pays a certain percentage of the cost and you pay the rest.

For example, the platinum tier would typically pay more of your medical costs than a bronze plan would. However, a bronze plan will most likely cost you less.

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