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How the Online
Marketplace Works

  • Explanation
    • You may receive a federal subsidy to buy health insurance.
    • Health plans in the Health Insurance Marketplace will have the same basic essential health benefits.
    • Since Louisiana does not have its own state marketplace, the federal marketplace has health plans that include the state of Louisiana.
  • Services Covered

    Wellness Programs

    • Health plans must provide first-dollar coverage for preventive services (non- grandfathered and new plans) when you go to an in-network provider. This means that charges for preventive services do not apply to your deductible.
    • The law prohibits most health plans from placing lifetime limits on coverage and prohibits the use of restrictive annual limits in employer plans and individual plans. All annual limits on coverage for essential benefits are prohibited in employer plans and individual plans.
  • Protect Yourself from Health Insurance Marketplace Scams

    While the health insurance marketplace is open, it's important to be aware of possible scams and protect yourself.

    Several incidents have been reported from around the country, in which scammers are calling people and claiming to be representatives of a commercial health insurance plan or the state Medicaid program. The scammers tell the people on the phone that they must give their bank account and other identifying information to either be enrolled in or to keep their health insurance. The scammer then uses this information to steal money or steal the person's identity.

    No health plan, government agency or any other organization involved with the marketplace has a legitimate reason to cold-call customers and obtain their personal or financial information. The customer initiates contact with the marketplace to sign up for a health plan.

    If you receive a suspicious phone call, or if someone you don't know pressures you to give personal or financial information you don't feel comfortable sharing, do not cooperate, and report it. You can report suspected scams (or any type of identity theft) to your local law enforcement for criminal investigation, and you can alert the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Fraud Unit about this at 1-800-392-9249 or

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