9/20 Overview of the ACA and Its Impact in 2014 [PDF] (provider presentation)
9/15 Health Care Reform: Your Guide to the Affordable Care Act [PDF]
8/13 Deciphering Health Care Reform (Part III) [PDF]
8/13 Why the Affordability Promise Is Hard to Swallow – Mike Reitz, CEO
7/13 Overview of the ACA and 2014 Premiums [PDF] (presentation for general audience)
6/13 **Deciphering Health Care Reform (Part II) [PDF]
3/13 **Deciphering Health Care Reform (Part I) [PDF]
5/12 Small Business Tax Credits Brochure [PDF]
2012 SBC Uniform Glossary [PDF]
2012 Health Care Reform Highlights for Employers and Individuals [PDF]

**These articles appeared in The Business Report in March 2013. Since then, health care reform has continued to evolve. For the latest information, visit, or contact your authorized Blue Cross agent.

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