InHealth (Care Management)

We offer our members a series of disease and care management programs. Members have access to a personal nurse who can—along with the member's physician and other health care professionals—help them address their current health status as well as their long term health.

These programs are also a benefit to providers as their patient receives individualized support, disease information and we assist with coordination of care, serve as an advocate and help members find qualified providers.

Blue Health Services (Disease Management)
Helps members better self-manage their chronic condition to improve their health. Encourages lifestyle changes to help members get healthier and offers one-on-one support, information and medication management to help our members better manage and understand their disease.

Blue Touch (Case Management)
Works to find solutions to help members by offering one-on-one support, information, medication management and coordination of care during and following an acute episode. Also offers assistance with long term planning, while empowering members to effectively address their needs leading to better results for our members and their providers.

Blue Review (Utilization Review)
Provides nurse-review services to providers for prior authorization, concurrent and retrospective review and more.

Additional Member Support Services

  • Blue Transitions is our telephone outreach program that focuses on transitioning our members successfully from the acute care setting to other levels of care, including the home.
  • Our care management programs include behavioral and educational interventions on medication adherence for enrolled members. Non-adherence leads to poor health outcomes and increased healthcare costs.
  • Our care management programs include smoking cessation interventions for members enrolled in a care management program, who are using tobacco products and/or ready to quit smoking.

Support Tools

  • Blue Health Records is available through our iLinkBLUE Provider Suite and lets providers access* claims-based health records for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana patients.** Reports include current and past prescriptions filled, illnesses and associated treatments, surgeries performed, immunizations and preventive healthcare received with the last two years. To learn more on how to access member's Blue Health Records, email EDI Services at

*To access Blue Health Records, iLinkBLUE users must complete an iLB System CHR Access Security Form.
**Blue Health Records are not available for Medicare supplement, FEP and national accounts Blue members.

Useful Forms and Information

  • Continuity of Care Form
    If your doctor leaves our networks while you are receiving care for certain conditions, he or she may request you continue care at a higher network level of benefits for a limited time.
  • CMDM Referral Form
    Physicians and providers may refer members to one of our care management programs by completing this form. Our care management staff will review the information and contact you if there are any questions or additional information is needed, and you will be notified of the outcome of the referral.