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Helping You Protect Every Day

  • 150+ Nurses, Doctors, Pharmacists & Social Workers

  • 40+ Wellness Programs & Services

  • 80+ Years of Experience

At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, we're committed to helping you protect your health. That's why we have more than 150 caring nurses, doctors, pharmacists and social workers who work here on staff to keep you healthy. They work behind the scenes to make sure you're getting the best care possible.

Our in-house medical team offer wellness and preventive services designed to keep you in good health. And if you have a serious or chronic condition such as asthma, diabetes or cardiovascular disease, our nurses help manage your care with one-on-one support, health coaching, disease information and medication management.

We also offer specialized programs for smoking cessation and maternity support. Best of all, these programs are open to you as part of your benefit package so there is no additional cost. These are just some of the innovative ways we are working to improve the quality of your care to help you stay healthy and reduce healthcare costs.

Has your Blue Cross coverage helped you protect every day? If you or someone you know whose health was positively affected because of a Blue Cross nurse or doctor, share your story with us.

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