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We’ve partnered with the Ochsner Health System to create Blue Connect, a plan that puts you--the patient--at the center of care. As a Blue Connect member, you will receive quality care from top rated Ochsner doctors, clinics and facilities/

Ready to explore the benefits of your Blue Connect plan? As with any insurance plan, a few smart choices can help you avoid big, unexpected medical bills. Let's take a few minutes and make sure you're prepared to get the most from your Blue Connect plan.

The most important thing to remember about your Blue Connect plan is to STAY IN NETWORK!

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What you will learn about your Blue Connect Plan:

Your Coverage

Doctor Visits

Urgent Care and
Emergency Visits

Hospital Stays

Preventive and Wellness Services

Your Access and Costs




Out-of-pocket Max

Your Prescriptions

Value Drugs

Preferred Brand Drugs

Non-Preferred Brand/Generic

Specialty Drugs

Your Health Savings Account

Save Money to Meet Your Deductible

Use to Pay Medical Expenses

Rolls Over Year-to-year


Get your Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Select Your Primary Care Physician (PCP)