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Remember this number: 1.800.599.2583. Thatís the best way for our customers to reach Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana for help. Please note that heavy call volume to our corporate headquarters in recent weeks has at times overloaded our phone circuits, restricting incoming calls in some instances and causing callers to get a busy signal. We are working to remedy the situation and appreciate your patience.

You can choose to e-mail us, but please note: this e-mail address is not enabled with security encryption, and there is a risk, however small, that others could view your message.

For members who have lost their employer-sponsored coverage:
If you have lost your Blue Cross or HMO Louisiana employer-sponsored coverage due to the hurricanes, you are encouraged to apply for any individual product in our extensive portfolio. To help you make sense of the many options available, use our new, easy-to-use online tool, Coverage AdvisorTM, powered by Subimo, LLC, that helps you make better decisions so you spend your health care dollars more wisely.

With Coverage AdvisorTM, you create customized health profiles for you and those in your coverage plan. Based on the information you enter, Coverage AdvisorTM uses our different benefit plans to give you an estimate of your family's health care needs for the coming year, and it can help you understand the out-of-pocket costs you may incur under each of our benefit plans.

Personal claims-based health records now available:
If you have been displaced by the hurricanes, you and your attending physician can get immediate access to your personal claims-based health histories from Blue Cross. Information provided is drawn from physicians, labs, pharmacies and hospitals involved in treating Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana or HMO Louisiana members. The summary includes office visits, prescription drugs and tests taken, and provides a quick overview of the memberís health conditions, combined with treatments associated with these conditions. Note: Not all members served by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana or HMO Louisiana will be able to access this information. Limitations to availability may apply; call 1.800.599.2583 for details.

To request your personal claims-based health record by phone, call Blue Cross Customer Service at 1.800.599.2583 (BLUE). You will be asked to provide information to verify yourself as the member, or as the person authorized to act on the memberís behalf.

Those calling on behalf of a member will be asked to provide additional information, and an Authorized Delegate Form must be on file with Blue Cross before information will be released.

After your identification has been verified, Blue Cross will e-mail, fax or mail the record to you. This information is also available online through AccessBlue. Learn more about this new service.

Paying your bill:
Premiums for all deferred months were due by December 2005. If you were unable to pay the full amount, please contact us directly at 1-800-599-BLUE (2583) and we will attempt to assist you. If all past-due premiums are not paid in full, the policy will be cancelled retroactively to the first period for which premiums were not paid.

Getting medical care:
A website,, aims to locate and assist physicians displaced by the hurricanes, and helps patients find and communicate with their physicians. The website features a registry where physicians can list their current contact information, including a special e-mail account they can set up for public access.

If you are a member of a group HMO/POS benefit plan and will be out of state for at least 90 days, you should sign up for Away From Home Care, a program that ensures that you and your covered dependents have continuous access to a health care provider. Contact HMO Louisiana at 1.800.225.8683 for more information; we will work with you to complete a Guest Membership application if a participating HMO plan is located in the area where you have relocated.

Contacting Blue Cross in New Orleans:
We have opened a temporary location for our New Orleans district office at 3200 Ridgelake Drive, Suite 215 in Metairie, near our permanent offices on North Causeway Boulevard. Phone number for the New Orleans district office is still 504.832.5800. All other district offices, along with our Baton Rouge corporate headquarters, are following regular business hours. How to contact us.