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Personal claims-based health records now available:
If you are a provider offering medical services to a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana or HMO Louisiana member who has been displaced by the hurricanes, you can get immediate access to that memberís personal claims-based health histories from Blue Cross. Information provided is drawn from physicians, labs, pharmacies and hospitals involved in treating Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana or HMO Louisiana members. The summary includes office visits, prescription drugs and tests taken, and provides a quick overview of the memberís health conditions, combined with treatments associated with these conditions. Note: Not all members served by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana or HMO Louisiana will have this information available; call 1.800.599.2583 for details.

To request a claims-based health record by phone, call Blue Cross Customer Service at 1.800.599.2583 (BLUE). You will be asked to provide information about yourself, as the provider, and on the member for security verification.

Out-of-state providers who cannot be verified will have the option of having the member personally request the information, or they can send their request in writing to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisianaís Privacy Office. The Blue Cross Customer Service Call Center will be able to provide more details for those cases. After your identification as the provider and that of the member have been verified, Blue Cross will e-mail, fax or mail the record to you. This information is also available online through iLinkBLUE. Learn more about this new service.

Website offers registry for displaced physicians:
A website,, aims to locate and assist physicians displaced by the hurricanes, and helps patients find and communicate with their physicians. The website features a registry where physicians can list their current contact information, including a special e-mail account they can set up for public access.

Has your business address changed? No re-credentialing needed
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana requires that physicians be initially credentialed prior to being added to all networks. Recredentialing occurs at least every three years thereafter. We do not require physicians to be re-approved /re-credentialed by the Credentialing Subcommittee when they simply relocate their practice. We may request specific credentials, as necessary, such as new hospital privileges the provider may have obtained near the new practice or a copy of their individual malpractice insurance policy if their previous policy was through their former group. Once we obtain the new practice address information, we will update our systems within 9-11 days without disrupting the providerís network participation.