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Your Health. Our Commitment.
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Your Health. Our Commitment.
Business Conduct
Annual Report
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Mission, Vision and Values

Company Mission
To improve the lives of Louisianians by providing health guidance and affordable access to quality care.

Company Vision
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana (BCBSLA) is fully aware of the increasingly urgent national issues regarding the affordability of healthcare, the numbers of uninsured and the quality of health services rendered. BCBSLA is active at providing education and guidance, thereby helping to shape the healthcare reform legislation.

Consistent with its mission and the leadership role BCBSLA plays within the healthcare community of Louisiana, BCBSLA will collaborate with other business and community leaders to move Louisiana to a quality-driven model of healthcare. Such a model will engage the powerful forces of well designed information, patient engagement, provider professionalism and financial incentives to improve health outcomes, eliminate wasteful and preventable care, enable greater universality of care, and promote patient-centered care which addresses diverse patient needs and values.

At the same time, BCBSLA will undertake its own initiatives which will

  • Increase our capabilities to moderate the rising cost of healthcare;
  • Make available to the marketplace more affordable products;
  • Promote health literacy, wellness and consumer health management;
  • Partner with providers for improving health and transparency and;
  • Continuously improve the cost, quality and value of the services we deliver.

In so doing, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana will improve the lives of Louisianians by improving the quality and affordability of the health guidance and healthcare they receive and empower its members in personal health management. As a result, BCBSLA will enhance its role and its competitive standing now and into the future.

Core Values 

  • Collaboration - Great teams work together. That’s why Blue Cross believes in partnering with others to achieve innovative solutions.
  • Excellence - What is excellence? To put it simply, it is being the best in all aspects of your job or life. At Blue Cross, we strive for superior quality in our products and services while serving customers with commitment and enthusiasm.
  • Integrity - Integrity has been defined as looking forward to the consequences of your actions. At Blue Cross, it also means doing the right thing at the right time and for the right reasons.
  • Respect - A respectful person shows appreciation for others. Here at Blue Cross, we are respectful of other people and their situations.

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