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Pieces of the Puzzle

Finding a solution to the rising cost of healthcare is like solving a puzzle. Many pieces must fit together to form a picture … and not one piece can stand alone.

At Blue Cross, we’re trying to solve this puzzle. But we need business leaders, doctors, hospitals and you to help solve it, too.

Keeping healthcare costs down is a duty we all share. How can you do your part?

  • Make better choices – Exercise, eat well and keep stress in check.

  • Practice prevention – Get regular check-ups and screenings, and get your flu shot.

  • Take an active role – Maintain a good relationship with a primary care doctor.

  • Keep “emergencies” to a minimum – Go to the emergency room for serious injuries only.

  • Weather the cold – Avoid going to the doctor or asking for antibiotics for a common cold.

  • Ask why – Get explanations about tests, treatments and medical bills.

  • If it’s free, it’s me -- Discuss prescriptions with your doctor and ask for samples when possible.

  • Listen to your doctor -- Avoid overuse of antibiotics, but take your medication as directed.

Healthcare costs are rising, but some of these expenses go to help patients receive a better quality of life.
Other costs go toward protecting you, the consumer. Here are some other reasons why healthcare is more expensive:

  • Technology

  • Advertising and consumer demand

  • Government mandates and regulations

  • Treatment for the uninsured and underinsured

  • Lawsuits, fraud and the need for malpractice insurance

  • Shifting costs and pressures on healthcare providers

  • Unhealthy and unsafe lifestyle choices

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana takes its responsibility to keep costs down very seriously.
Here’s what we’re doing to manage your healthcare dollar more wisely:

  • Cost-effectiveness – We negotiate with doctors, hospitals, and medical professionals to ensure our customers receive affordable, quality treatment options.

  • Efficiency – we keep our administrative costs as low as possible.

  • Accuracy – We audit and manage provider claims, and we also fight fraud, waste and abuse.

  • Education – We actively try to keep lawmakers informed about healthcare rates.

  • Wellness – We emphasize good health and prevention by including wellness tests and screenings in your premiums and through numerous initiatives.

  • 85 cents – Medical expenses (hospital, physician services, prescription drugs)

  • 12 cents – taxes, fees and operating costs

  • 3 cents – emergency reserves that would pay your claims in a catastrophic situation (i.e. – Hurricane Katrina).


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