Privacy Efforts

Blue Cross maintains a comprehensive privacy and security program to give all of our members the highest degree of confidentiality.

Our policies and procedures may sometimes seem designed to make it hard for you to review your own information. In fact, they're here to ensure that your private information doesn't reach the wrong person by mistake.


  • When you call with questions about your policy, we will ask several questions to verify your identity.
  • You have to provide your contract number for us to access your information. Your contract number is printed on your ID card and is labeled "Member No."
  • Adults (18 years of age or older) on the same policy cannot receive information about each other unless they give us written permission via an Authorized Delegate Form.
    • For example, a wife will need to sign an Authorized Delegate Form to allow her husband to talk to our Customer Service representatives or Medical Management nurses about her.
    • The same is true for parents who want to ask about a college-age child or another covered dependent who is age 18 or older.
  • Personal Health Statements provide details about how much of your benefit was paid for each medical service received. That's why we usually mail these statements and other items to the attention of the patient rather than the policyholder.

Privacy Resources

Authorized Delegate Form

Privacy Notice

Notice of Privacy Practices Regarding Medical Information

Contact Information

Privacy Office
Phone: 225.298.1751