BlueCare is


No appointment needed

BlueCare is


than going to urgent care

BlueCare costs


than the ER*

This video shows how you can have online doctor visits – on demand 24/7 or scheduled. This video is just to show you how BlueCare works. Check the information on this site or your health plan materials to see how BlueCare is covered for you and what a visit costs.

*Plan to pay upfront at the time of your BlueCare visit. Depending on your plan type and benefits, you may get a refund from Blue Cross later.

Cross icon that opens and closes an accordion of text Blue Care is...
  • 24/7 - no appointment needed
  • Faster than going to an ER or urgent care
  • Available on a computer, tablet and smartphone
  • Secure and works like an in-person visit
This is a picture of two robots fighting with text that reads: "Knock Out Your Cold with BlueCare."
Cross icon that opens and closes an accordion of text Who Can Use BlueCare?
  • If you buy your own health insurance and do not get it through your job, you can use BlueCare.

  • If you get your insurance through work or another group, it depends on the services and benefits covered on your plan. Ask your Human Resources department if BlueCare is covered on your group plan.

  • Your covered dependents (spouse, children,  etc.) can use BlueCare if it's one of the benefits for your plan.
Cross icon that opens and closes an accordion of text How Does BlueCare Work?

Blue Care lets you see a doctor anytime, anywhere, so you can get care outside of doctors' office hours or during the day without leaving home, work or school. BlueCare is faster and less expensive than going to the ER or urgent care for minor health needs.

BlueCare is an easier way to treat non-emergency illnesses like:

  • Sinus infections

  • Cough or cold

  • Rashes

  • Allergies

  • Bladder infections

  • Pink eye

  • Mild stomach bugs (throwing up, diarrhea)

  • Flu symptoms

You can also use BlueCare to get a prescription or to check in with a doctor if you need a follow-up visit.

Cross icon that opens and closes an accordion of text How Do I Use BlueCare?
  1. Desktop: Go to

    Mobile Device: Download the BlueCare app for Android and Apple devices.


  2. Create your account. After you create your account, you can use the same login information for desktop and mobile.

  3. Choose your doctor. Once logged into the BlueCare site, you will see a list of doctors available and can choose the one you want to see. Each BlueCare doctor has a short biography posted on the site. All doctors are U.S. trained and board certified.