Variable Income Plans

Our Variable Income Plan (VIP) is an addition to your regular healthcare coverage. This limited benefit policy pays you dollars per day for any covered hospital stay. For each day you spend in the hospital, our VIP plan can pay cash benefits directly to you.*

Preferred Plan

Budget Plan

Cash benefit for each day
you're in the hospital
Choose $250,
$200 or $100
Choose $250,
$200 or $100
When do payments begin? The day you are
admitted to the hospital
The third day of
your hospital stay
A VIP contract is guaranteed to be renewed. The contract ends if your monthly premium is not paid within 30 days after the due date.**


Admissions for the following items are not covered:

  • Admissions that are not medically needed
  • Pre-existing conditions during the first year of coverage
  • Obstetrical care (relates to childbirth) expect maternity complications in certain membership categories
  • Substance abuse and cosmetic treatments
  • Admissions for dental care and treatment, and dental appliances
  • Admissions outside the United States
  • Admissions already in progress


See contract for complete list

*If you assign benefits to an in-state hospital, cash benefits will be paid directly to that hospital.

**Premiums are subject to change by the company periodically. Premiums can change when you reach ages 35, 50 and 65.

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