Choose the Right Care

How do you get quality healthcare while saving money? Where you go and who you see for treatment is a big part of meeting those needs.

Save Money By Staying in Your Network

Not all Blue Cross plans cover the same doctors, hospitals, clinics and labs. Before you get medical care, check to make sure you are going somewhere that is in your plan’s network. You will pay less out of pocket when you stay in your network, and you can avoid getting an unexpected bill.

Where Should I Get Care?

Primary Care Doctor

Primary Care Doctor

You should have a primary care doctor whom you see for most of your care when you are sick or get hurt. 
A medical clinic

Retail Health

You can find these clinics inside pharmacies, grocery stores and other easy-to-reach places. If you have an illness that is not serious, like a sinus infection or skin rash, and you cannot get in to see your primary care doctor, you can seek treatment at one of these clinics. 
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Urgent Care Centers

If you have an illness or injury that you need to have looked at quickly, but it’s not an emergency, these centers have doctors who can treat you. Most urgent care centers have night and weekend hours, and the doctors there can often do X-rays, lab work or stitches. 
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Emergency Room

If you have a life-threatening or serious illness or injury, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.
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Blue Care

See a doctor online 24/7 when you have a minor health issue.

Find Care

Visit our Find a Doctor page to find a doctor near you.

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Don't go to the emergency room for a non-emergency sickness.