A Better Blue for You

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is committed to improving the health and lives of Louisianians.

And to making Blue even better for you.

Learn more about how we're building a better Blue.

About Blue

Our mission is to improve the health and lives of Louisianians.


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Get information on our company officers and high-ranking officials.


Learn about our initiatives and how we promote diversity.


Read about our mission and philanthropic projects we support.
Company History

Company History

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana has been taking care of Louisianians since 1934.
Doing Business

Doing Business with Us

We work hard to protect your information and promote diversity.
Regional Offices

Regional Offices

We have eight Blue Cross locations in every part of the state of Louisiana.
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Work At Blue Cross

We take great strides to ensure our employees have the resources to live well and be healthy.

Community Impact Report: Investing in the Health
and Lives of Louisianians

This report chronicles our initiatives and efforts in 2021 and throughout the pandemic to create a sustainable enterprise, support communities and meet our corporate mission.

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