The Angel Award

Rules and Requirements

Know an angel? Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana hopes you do, so we can honor them with our Angel Award and give them some money to help their causes.*

Angels to us are outstanding Louisianians who are working to make life better for Louisiana youngsters.

Nomination Rules

  • Individuals only; no groups can be nominated. However, a person may be nominated for individual work done as a member of a group. 
  • A person's lifetime accomplishments will be considered. Individuals may not be nominated posthumously. 
  • Nominated effort must have been done in Louisiana. 
  • Nominees can be paid for their work, but we're looking at efforts going above and beyond job responsibilities. Work-release and course credit efforts are also eligible. 

Who's Not Eligible

  • Past Angel Award finalists
  • Members of the Angel Award selection committee
  • Elected political officials 
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana employees

Judging Criteria

NEED: Did the nominee contribute a needed service to Louisiana children?

ACTION: Was the nominee active, not a figurehead?

INITIATIVE: Did the nominee initiate new programs or activities and use new methods to solve problems?

ACHIEVEMENT: Has the nominee accomplished desired results?

IMPACT: Has the activity or service provided by the nominee produced positive changes and provided examples for other groups?

TIME: Was the amount of time devoted to the activity or service significant?

CHALLENGE: Did the nominee have to overcome any unusual challenges, such as limited resources or public perceptions of the problems?

If you have an angel for us, nominate him or her!

Questions? Call our Angel Award info line at 1.888.219.BLUE (2583) or e-mail us at

*Only nonprofit, charitable organizations that have tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code are eligible for contributions connected with the award. A winner connected with a non-qualifying program may designate a qualifying program related to his or her services.