July 19, 2012

Community Blue Plan Enhanced with Lower-cost, High-quality Women’s Healthcare

Baton Rouge General Physicians Group adds 12 OB/GYNs and new services to Community Blue

Community Blue, an innovative health plan from the Cross and Shield, recently added 12 new OB-GYNs and new women’s health services to its benefit plans.

Baton Rouge General Medical Center, Baton Rouge General Physicians, Baton Rouge Clinic, and many other community specialists are network providers for Community Blue, a lower-cost health plan from HMO Louisiana, Inc., a subsidiary of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana. Based on the patient-centered medical home or PCMH model, Community Blue offers a coordinated, patient-centered approach to healthcare through a select network of high-quality providers.

Baton Rouge General’s OB/GYN medical staff now includes the following physicians:

  • Charles Aycock, MD, OB/GYN
  • Jill Bader, MD, OB/GYN
  • Phillip Barksdale, MD, Urogynecology, OB/GYN
  • Jo Anne Barrios, MD, OB/GYN
  • Allyson Boudreaux, MD, OB/GYN
  • Randall Brown, MD, OB/GYN
  • Elizabeth Buchert, MD, OB/GYN
  • Jacquin Coombs, MD, OB/GYN
  • Sarah Davis, MD, OB/GYN
  • Ryan Dickerson, MD, OB/GYN
  • Heber Dunaway, Jr., MD, Reproductive Endocrinology, Gynecology
  • Renee Harris, MD, OB/GYN
  • Evelyn Hayes, MD, Gynecology 
  • Gregory Heroman, MD, OB/GYN
  • Wendy Holden-Parker, MD, OB/GYN
  • Nicolle Hollier, MD, OB/GYN
  • Todd Fontenot, MD, Maternal Fetal Medicine, OB/GYN
  • Julie Martin, MD, OB/GYN
  • Joseph Miller, Jr., MD, Maternal Fetal Medicine, OB/GYN
  • Julius Mullins, Jr., MD, OB/GYN
  • Kimberly Neathamer-Guillory, MD, OB/GYN
  • Duane Neumann, MD, Perinatology, OB/GYN
  • Carol Patin, MD, OB/GYN
  • Jane Peek, Gynecology
  • Michael Perniciaro, MD, OB/GYN
  • Kirk Rousset, MD, OB/GYN
  • Lydia Sims, MD, OB/GYN
  • Curtis Solar, MD, OB/GYN
  • James Stenhouse, MD, OB/GYN
  • Alicia Taylor, MD, OB/GYN
  • Terri Thomas, MD, OB/GYN

Baton Rouge General provides state-of-the-art women’s and family health services, including:

  • Gynecologic care, including the latest platform for daVinci minimally invasive robotics 
  • Fertility and maternal fetal medicine
  • Labor and delivery
  • Neonatal and pediatric care, including Level 3 NICU, Pediatric ICU and Peds ER
  • Genetic counseling and early detection (imaging) of female cancers and other related diseases, including screening and diagnostic mammography through its Women’s Imaging Center, Louisiana’s first NAPBC-accredited comprehensive breast center
  • Diagnosis and treatment of female cancers through advanced medical, surgical and radiation oncology services, including the Nation’s first ARTISTE technology and robotics 
  • Support and ancillary services such as social work, nutritional counseling, physical and occupational therapy

Many of these OB-GYN physicians are located on Baton Rouge General’s Bluebonnet campus. Visit www.BRGeneral.org and click “Find a Physician” for practice contact information.

Baton Rouge Clinic, a premier multi-specialty clinic in Baton Rouge, offers primary and specialty care at 7373 Perkins Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70808. Appointments can be made by calling (225) 769-4044.

Baton Rouge residents can learn more about Community Blue and other Blue Cross and HMO Louisiana products at the company’s website, www.bcbsla.com. They can also learn more about the PCMH model of coordinated care on Blue Cross’ dedicated PCMH web page: www.bcbsla.com/PCMH.

About Baton Rouge General Medical Center
Baton Rouge General Medical Center is a full-service community hospital, with 544 licensed beds between two campuses. As the first hospital in Baton Rouge, opening its doors in 1900, Baton Rouge General has a long history of groundbreaking milestones, as well as providing the Greater Baton Rouge community with high quality healthcare for generations. 

Baton Rouge General is affiliated with and also serves as a satellite campus of Tulane University School of Medicine. In addition to serving as a satellite campus for Tulane medical students in the LEAD (Leadership, Education, Advocacy and Discovery) Academy program, Baton Rouge General also offers a Family Medicine Residency Program, Internal Medicine Residency Program, Sports Medicine Fellowship Program, School of Nursing and School of Radiologic Technology. Baton Rouge General, an accredited teaching hospital since 1991, is committed to exceptional medical education and serves a diverse population that is representative of the types of patients, injuries, illnesses and healthcare needs most frequently seen by physicians in private practice. For more information about Baton Rouge General, please visit www.BRGeneral.org.

About Baton Rouge General Physicians
Baton Rouge General Physicians consists of more than 80 physicians, owned and operated under General Health System. Baton Rouge General Physicians offers individuals and families throughout the Capital Area top-quality healthcare in convenient locations from Livingston to Brusly. For more information, visit www.BRGPhysicians.com.

About Baton Rouge Clinic
More than 60 years old, the Baton Rouge Clinic is home to the area’s largest Internal Medicine and Pediatric Departments, and has the largest available number of Endocrinologists (diabetes, thyroid and other glandular disease), Pulmonologists (lungs), Rheumatologists (bones, joints, and connective diseases), and Pediatric Neurologists in this southern region. More than 250,000 patients throughout the southeast region rely on The Baton Rouge Clinic for their health care needs. More information can be found at www.batonrougeclinic.com.

About Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana
Founded in New Orleans in 1934, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is the oldest and largest Louisiana-based health insurance company. Blue Cross is a private, fully taxed mutual company, owned by policyholders—not shareholders—and governed by a local Board of Directors. It is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

The company and its subsidiaries provide group and individual health insurance plans, life and disability insurance, group voluntary products and administrative services to more than one out of every four Louisiana residents. With headquarters in Baton Rouge and eight district offices, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana employs more than 1,900 Louisianians who are committed to improving the lives of its customers by providing them with health guidance and affordable access to quality care.

Learn more on the company's website at www.bcbsla.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/bluecrossla. Follow Blue Cross on Twitter at www.twitter.com/BCBSLA and CEO Mike Reitz at www.twitter.com/MikeReitzCEO