May 13, 2014

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Recognizes Nursing Staff for “Leading the Way to Better Health”

BATON ROUGE, La. – Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana employs more than 150 licensed nurses, who work every day to support members in reaching their health goals, managing chronic conditions and accessing quality care.

Blue Cross is recognizing and celebrating these front-line healthcare employees during National Nurses Week, May 6-12, with the theme “Blue Cross Nurses Leading the Way to Better Health.”

The American Nurses Association has designated this week, which coincides with Florence Nightingale’s birthday on May 12, to honor nurses across the country for their important role in the healthcare system.

“Our nurses do a tremendous amount of work to help members, and they also support providers in our network by following up between appointments to make sure members are getting the care they need,” said Blue Cross Executive Vice President for External Operations and Chief Medical Officer David Carmouche.

“Their training and experience give us valuable insight to improve our programs and better serve our members through health guidance.”

At Blue Cross, many nurses work in the Clinical departments, where they provide personalized health coaching to members who have chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease, or have complex health needs like transplant surgery, which require additional care coordination. Nurses also provide maternity case management services for members who have a high-risk pregnancy.

In addition to providing direct care, nurses at Blue Cross serve as managers, policymakers and innovators for the insurer’s quality improvement programs.

Nurses are an integral part of Quality Blue Primary Care (QBPC), the population health program Blue Cross launched last year to drive value and get better health outcomes for patients. In QBPC, nurses are in direct contact with primary care physicians’ offices to identify gaps in care quickly and address them with individual patients. Members in QBPC also get regular health coaching from nurses between their doctor visits, to help them stick to their treatment plans.

Nearly 400 primary care doctors around the state are currently active in QBPC, and many more will go live this year, allowing more members to benefit from this program.

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