Small Group Health Plans



GroupCare features a series of PPO plans with broad provider networks and flexible benefit designs.

Point of Service (POS)

Our POS plans* have predictable out-of-pocket costs like an HMO plan, with the unique advantage of out-of-network care with limited benefits.


BlueSaver plans are qualified high-deductible health plans, which means you can put tax-free money in a Health Savings Account (HSA)** that will help you pay your deductible and your share of covered medical expenses. A BlueSaver plan, in conjunction with an HSA, can help you save money for medical expenses now and for the future.

Premier Blue

Premier Blue features the flexibility of a PPO with the network benefits of a Point of Service product. Employees enjoy access to a broad provider network with the convenience of copayments for many services.

Community Blue

Community Blue* is a select, local network product designed for Baton Rouge communities (East & West Baton Rouge and Ascension Parishes) and Shreveport communities (Caddo and Bossier Parishes). Community Blue is a patient-centered plan. This means healthcare providers work as a team led by a primary care doctor.

Blue Connect

BlueConnect* is a product with a select, local network designed for Orleans and Jefferson Parishes in the Greater New Orleans area. BlueConnect is a great health plan for people who want local access, a new approach to health and a lower priced insurance plan.


Administrative Services Only (ASO)

Third-party claims administration services are available through ASO arrangements offered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana and HMO Louisiana, Inc. We offer a wide array of plan designs and self-funding options for employers.

Dual Choice

Dual Choice combinations allow employers to offer health plans with more coverage choices and a greater variety of benefits.