Small Group Dental (2-50 eligible employees)

Did you know dental benefits can improve your employees' overall wellness, along with reducing medical costs?

Our new Blue Dental small group plans offer essential oral health benefits. Members have access to more than 940 dentists in Louisiana, along with an extensive choice of nationwide dentists in the Advantage Plus network.

Preventive services, such as cleanings and oral exams, have no waiting period and 100% coverage, so members can take advantage of preventive benefits right away.

Small groups can choose from three certified plans. These plans are great if your group's health insurance plan does not offer the required pediatric dental essential health benefits.

We also offer three traditional dental plans. These plans are great if your gruop'shealth insurance plan already includes the pediatric dental essential health benefits.

A group with two or more employees can enroll and choose a contribution level, as low as 0% and as high as 100%

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Navigating Blue Dental Benefits

Traditional Blue Dental Preventive Care Benefits