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Generics vs. Brand Name - Same or Different?

Generics are "copycats" of brand-name drugs. They're safe and effective, and they typically cost a quarter of the price of brand-name drugs. Generics are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and must meet the same strict standards that are required of brand-name drugs.

Step Therapy

Our prescription step therapy program promotes the use of generic drugs as the first step in treating your condition. How does the program work?

When you get a new prescription in certain drug classes, you must try a generic option or similar alternative medication.1

If the generic option is not right for you, your physician may request an authorization for a brand-name drug.

If you do not follow the program, the brand-name drug will not be covered under your benefits.

For more information on this program, view our step therapy program brochure.

View examples of step therapy drugs.

More Information on Why Generics Are Right for You

According to the FDA, generics are just as effective as brands. Read these articles to learn more:

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1See your schedule of benefits to determine if Lead with Generics is part of your benefit plan.