Health Savings Accounts

Most members enrolled in BlueSaver are eligible for a personal tax-free health savings account (HSA).  An HSA allows you to set aside tax-free money for qualified medical expenses, such as prescription drugs, insurance deductibles, eyeglasses, dental services and other medical costs.


You can set up a MySmart$averSM* HSA that works directly with your BlueSaver benefits. MySmart$aver HSA's offer:

  • Convenience of a VISA branded debit card
  • Interest-bearing account with competitive interest rates
  • Online and mobile account management tools
  • Convenient ways to make deposits
  • FDIC-insured stability
  • Investment options

Learn more about MySmart$aver HSAs and educational tools through Health Equity.

*The MySmart$aver HSA is offered through Health Equity, an independent company that manages health savings accounts for members of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana and HMO Louisiana, Inc.