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    Starting Location
    Your starting location is used to determine the distance from you to your selected providers. You should enter your current location information, such as your home or office.

    Search Location

    Use this field to tell us what general area of the state you wish to limit your results to. By default, we will return providers within a 10 mile radius of the search location you enter.

    You can increase or decrease that radius using the distance slider in the "Refine Results" box on the left side of the screen after your initial search.

    Dental Providers
    To find a dentist, first ensure you have dental through BCBSLA dental network. Then select the Blue Cross dental network at the top of the screen. Then enter a name or search location and click "Search".

    NOTE: You can also find a discount dental network provider that will give you a point of sale discount. If you have this benefit, do not use the Blue Cross dental network.

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