Member Resources

Blue Cross

Healthier Kids Journal
Information on setting goals, building a healthy plate, getting enough physical activity and tracking meals

Healthier Kids Food Calendar
Printable meal tracking calendars

The Basics about Obesity
Definition, causes, health effects, treatment and prevention

How Parents Can Help
Parents can make positive changes in kid’s lives

A Chubby Baby is Not a Sign of Future Obesity
How parents can start healthy habits at birth

Healthy Blue Beginnings
Our maternity support program, Healthy Blue Beginnings, provides you with information and support from nurses throughout your pregnancy, to help keep you and your baby healthy

American Academy of Pediatrics

Healthy Active Living for Families (HALF)
Tips for Nutrition, Fitness, Sports, Oral Health, Emotional Wellness and Growing Healthy

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

KIDS Eat Right
Articles, tip sheets, videos, recipes and more organized by child’s age.

Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Tips for Out-of-School Time
Videos, calculators, guides and more to encourage healthy eating, physical activity and more

Preventing Obesity from ages 0-5

Free text messages to keep you and your baby healthy