Large Group Dental (51+ Eligible Employees)

Blue Cross Dental

Our seven Blue Cross Dental plans offer cost-effective dental benefits through the Blue Cross Dental Network.

Diagnostic and preventive services are covered at 100% with no waiting periods so employees can take advantage of preventative benefits right away.

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Voluntary Group Dental

Employee’s Choice Voluntary Dental

Employers can expand their benefit programs for employees without extending their budget, and all with the convenience of payroll deduction.

Our voluntary group dental plan offers benefits for large groups and feature:

  • Access - Members can visit any licensed dentist of their choice
  • Benefits - Members enjoy immediate coverage for preventive and basic services
  • Value - Members enjoy affordable premiums with the convenience of payroll deduction

*Employee’s Choice is an offering through Southern National Life Insurance Company, Inc., a subsidiary of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana.

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