Clear Cost Information

Estimated Treatment Cost Tool

Available on early 2013

With this tool, members may research over 100 of the most common elective inpatient, outpatient or diagnostic procedures to determine the estimated cost of the procedure. 

Total cost of care estimates display BUNDLED SERVICE & FACILITY charges that are typically a standard part of a procedure or treatment.

With this tool, members may:

  • Search by condition
  • Choose a facility
  • View cost definition and ranges
  • Receive results for treatment costs
  • View a list of procedure-related drugs
  • Research costs at other facilities

Estimated cost ranges for an episode of care are based on facility-specific rates. Cost estimates are developed using 12 months of claims data based on negotiated arrangements; Medicare, secondary claims and outliers are excluded from the data set.

Estimated Personal Cost Tool

Available on mid 2013

The Estimated Personal Cost tool will soon be an integral component of the Estimated Treatment Cost tool. It will access members’ benefits and determine their out-of-pocket costs based on the results of the Estimated Treatment Cost Tool.

Calculated out-of-pocket costs will show breakdowns for members’ applicable copayment, coinsurance and deductible amounts according to their benefit plans.