Paperless PHS

Keep your mailbox clean; get information about your claims online

You can now go almost paperless with Blue Cross by getting your Personal Health Statements online!

To get paperless claims information:

  • Log in to your online account
  • Under MY PLAN, click Account Management
  • Click Go under My Preferences
  • Under My Services, click Paperless next to the sentence that reads, “How do you want your Personal Health Statement (PHS) delivered?”

You’ll need to have a valid email address on file. After you’ve changed your settings, we’ll stop sending paper copies of your explanation of benefits, or Personal Health Statement (PHS) to your mailbox.  Instead, we’ll post each PHS to your online account and alert you by email.

Each time you use your insurance, the law requires us to send you information about your claim.  This can trigger a dozen or more PHS letters in your mailbox each month.

Besides clearing the clutter, going paperless is good for the environment, lowers the administrative cost of your plan and will help you stay organized.

Go paperless today!