Who can register for an online account?

Only Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana or HMO Louisiana members 18 or older can register. For members under 18, the primary cardholder (also known as subscriber) can view their claims information. Certain restrictions apply.

Members covered through Southern National Life, RxBLUE (PDP), VIP and Cancer or Serious Disease are not eligible.

What member online services are included in my online account?

Customers can manage their accounts, access special wellness tools, view health plan information, join an online member community, track claims and more.

What's a member number?

Your member number or member ID is listed on your insurance ID card, and features a combination of letters and numbers.

Are there system requirements my computer must have for my online account to work?

Yes. View the Tech Support page in the Service & Support section of this website for more information on all technical requirements for our various online services.

What type of password should I select?

Your password is case-sensitive and must be a minimum of five characters. You should select a strong password for your protection and treat the password as sensitive and confidential information, not to be shared with anyone.

Who can I contact for additional support with my online account?

Contact our Customer Service line at 1.800.821.2753.