BlueCard Claims Refunds/Overpayments

We no longer process refund requests or accept checks from providers for refunds on claims for out-of-state members only.

Refund/Overpayment Process

  • All overpayment reconciliation will be reflected on electronic remittance advices or payment registers.
  • Providers must complete and submit an Overpayment Notification Form for review to ensure that an ovepayment did occur on an out-of-state member's claim.
  • Complete the form and fax it to 225.297.2727, Attn: Correspondence, or mail to:

    BCBSLA Correspondence
    ITS Host Refunds
    P.O. Box 98029
    Baton Rouge, LA 70898-9029

  • If an overpayment did occur:
    • You will not receive further notification from us and your payment register will reflect the change.
    • If a provider has received an overpayment and has not yet informed us by sending the Overpayment Notification Form, we will send notification requesting the provider respond either agreeing or appealing the overpayment within 30 days. 
    • If no response is received, the provider is notified that the claim may be adjusted if necessary.
  • If an unsolicited refund is received from a provider or the member's home Blue Plan, the check will be returned with a letter requesting an Overpayment Notification Form be submitted if more information is needed to process payment appropriately.
  • If an overpayment did not occur, you will receive notification explaining that no change is necessary.


  • Contact Provider Services, 1.800.922.8866