Disease and Care Management

Blue Cross' Population Health (Disease) Management program is a system of coordinated care interventions and member communications for populations with chronic health conditions such as diabetes and heart failure. Members have access to a personal nurse who can, along with their physician and other health care professionals, help them address their current health status as well as their long term health. We focus on the full continuum of care and offer health coaching that encourages member empowerment, life style modification, and self-care techniques that can lead to better health.

Heart Failure Disease Management Program

Follows the guidelines suggested by the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology.

Diabetes Management Program

Follows the guidelines suggested by the American Diabetes Association.

Program Overview

Key components of the population health improvement model include:

  • Population identification strategies and processes;
  • Comprehensive needs assessments that assess physical, psychological, economic, and environmental needs;
  • Proactive health promotion programs that increase awareness of the health risks associated with certain personal behaviors and lifestyles;
  • Patient-centric health management goals and education which may include primary prevention, behavior modification programs, and support for concordance between the patient and the primary care provider;
  • Self-management interventions aimed at influencing the targeted population to make behavioral changes;
  • Routine reporting and feedback loops which may include communications with patient, physicians, health plan and ancillary providers;
  • Evaluation of clinical, humanistic, and economic outcomes on an ongoing basis with the goal of improving overall population health.

For additional information about our Disease Management Programs, or to refer a member, please call 1.800.317.2299.


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Contact Information

Phone: 1.800.317.2299
e-mail: help@bcbsla.com