Specialty Care Insight

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is implementing the Specialty Care Insight program, making information about cost and quality more transparent to specialty providers in our network. Blue Cross will give physicians in certain specialties data that can help them identify effective strategies to reduce use of low-value, high-cost services where they may exist, while assessing quality-of-care metrics.


A Conversation with Dr. Murphree on Specialty Care Insights
Dr. Paul D. Murphree, Medical Director of Quality and Informatics, BCBSLA
A specialist himself, Dr. Murphree talks about national trends, what type of information is included in the Specialty Care Insight reports, and how Blue Cross will use this data.
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CCGroup Marketbasket System™: Efficiency and Effectiveness Methodology, Part 1
Doug Cave, Ph.D., President of CCGroup
This video gives an overview of the CCGroup’s analytics tool used to generate efficiency and effectiveness data for the Specialty Care Insight reports.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Efficiency and Effectiveness Report

Improve Unwarranted Practice Variations
Dr. John Rootenberg, Senior Medical Director and Sr. VP of Clinical Strategy at CCGroup, Inc.
This video describes how providers can use the Specialty Care Insight reports’ data to identify strengths to build on, target areas for improvement and develop action plans around specific indicators.
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Blue Cross held live webinars for providers in the cardiology, orthopedic, otolaryngology, urology and gastroenterology specialty in 2014 to further describe the program.

Contact Information

Providers who have questions about this program can contact Blue Provider Relations at provider.relations@bcbsla.com or 1-800-716-2299, option 4.