Patient Reviews

Available on, July 1, 2012

Patient reviews are seen as a quality and transparency domain in proposed healthcare reform measures. The market demand for member review is growing, fueled by the new and expanding individual retail health insurance market.

Approximately 85 to 90 percent of patient reviews are positive. Encouraging all of your Blue patients to add to these reviews will help assure an overall positive score.

Key Components of Patient Reviews

    1. Members must first log in to their online account on
    2. Members are then authenticated during log-in before being able to submit reviews.
    3. Members must access a specific claim on file to comment on an encounter with the physician.
    4. Members then respond to a core set of member review questions.
    5. Member-written comments are checked for appropriateness.
    6. The review is then displayed in the comments section on our online directory for the physician.
    7. Physicians are able to give one response to each patient review.