Continuing Medical Education (CME)

A critical part of Quality Blue Primary Care is the Continuing Medical Education (CME) program. The CME program gives all enrolled doctors continued opportunities for education and strengthening of best practices.

Every year, doctors enrolled in QBPC are required to view the QBPC Program Annual Overview module within the first quarter of that program year or within 90 days of enrollment in the program.

In addition to the QBPC Program Annual Overview module, physicians are required to view two additional CME modules within the program year. Physicians are free to choose from the available modules on the CME portal and must choose modules they have not previously viewed. Physicians must score at least 80% on each post-test to receive CME credit.

Physicians who are not compliant with the CME program can have their Care Management Fee payments suspended.

If you are a QBPC physician, please log in now to the CME portal to explore the modules available to you and learn how to obtain credits for participation.

See the CME overview