Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Quality Blue Primary Care offers a unique Process Improvement Continuing Medical Education (PI-CME) opportunity for primary care physicians who participate in QBPC.

Participation in the programs is free, and physicians can earn up to 20 CME credits. Physicians enrolled in QBPC may access ongoing CME modules tailored to address gaps in chronic patient care and ensure patients are treated according to national guidelines.

The QBPC PI-CME program uses a phased, modular approach to enhance knowledge, competency and performance in managing patients with cardiometabolic risk factors. The core content of these modules is made up of traditional clinical content supported by evidence-based guidelines, in addition to practical application of population management, care processes and tools to address care gaps. Each module is delivered by a physician leader who is a subject-matter expert known for pioneering best practices.

If you are a QBPC physician, please log in now to the CME portal to explore the modules available to you and learn how to obtain credits for participation.