Pharmacy Benefits

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  • Magnolia Plans and Pelican HRA 1000 MedImpact
  • Magnolia Plans and Pelican HRA 1000 Medicare Eligible Retirees - Medicare GenerationRx MedGen
  • Pelican HSA 775 CDHP Drug Prior Authorization Program
    Drug Prior Authorization Program requires members to request and receive prior authorization for certain prescription drugs in order to use their prescription drug benefits. The Prior Auth list will be updated periodically as new drugs that require prior authorization are introduced. Our current Drug Prior Auth list can be found here.
  • Pelican HSA 775 CDHP Quality Per Dispensing Program
    Quantity per dispensing (QPD) limits/allowances are placed on certain medications and are based on the manufacturer's recommended dosage and duration of therapy, common usage for episodic or intermittent treatment, FDA-approved recommendations and/or clinical studies, and/or as determined by BlueCross and Blue Shield of Louisiana. Our current QPD list can be found here.
  • Pelican HSA 775 CDHP Step Therapy
    Our prescription step therapy program promotes the use of generic drugs as the first step in treating your condition. When you get a new prescription in certain drug classes, you must try a generic option or similar alternative medication. Current information can be found here.