Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is proud to bring you BlueCare, our first telemedicine platform. BlueCare is available 24/7 so you can have online doctor visits using a computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or other device with internet and a camera. 

BlueCare is available through our partnership with American Well, a telehealth services company.

Who can use BlueCare?
If you buy your own health insurance and do not get it through your job, you can use BlueCare (individual members).

If you get your insurance through work or another group, it depends on the services and benefits covered on your plan. If your health insurance is provided through your employer, ask your Human Resources department if BlueCare is covered on your group plan.

Your covered dependents (spouse, children, etc.) can use BlueCare if it’s one of the benefits for your plan.

How does BlueCare work?
BlueCare lets you see a doctor anytime, anywhere, so you can get care outside of doctors’ usual office hours or during the day without leaving work or school. All doctors are U.S. trained and board certified.

Some common conditions treated by BlueCare include:

  • cough or cold
  • bladder infections
  • mild stomach viruses (throwing up, diarrhea)
  • pink eye
  • rashes
  • allergies
  • sinusitis 

Blue Care is faster and less expensive than going to the ER or urgent care for minor health needs. You can also use BlueCare for follow-up care and, in some cases, medication refills.

How do I use BlueCare?
1. Go to To have an online visit, use a laptop, desktop computer or other internet-accessible device with audiovisual capability so you can see and speak with the doctor.

Find out if a device is going to work for BlueCare before a visit by using the “Test Computer” link in the top-right corner of

To use BlueCare from a smartphone or tablet, download the BlueCare app for Android and Apple devices by searching for “BlueCare” (one word) in the Apple App Store or Google Play. 

2. On the first visit, click on “Sign Up” to create a member account with a log-in ID and password that you will use each time you visit BlueCare.  You can create your account using the web-based site ( or the BlueCare mobile app, and use the same log-in information for both.

3. Once logged into the BlueCare site, you will see a list of doctors available and can choose the one you want to see. Each BlueCare doctor has a short biography describing his/her experience, languages spoken, etc., which is posted on the site.

How much does BlueCare cost?
BlueCare has a 24/7 online doctor network available for $39 per visit. You will pay the $39 at the time of your visit. Depending on your health plan type and benefits, you may get a refundafter your BlueCare visit. If you do, Blue Cross will mail you the amount you are owed once your claim has processed. 

How do I know if a BlueCare doctor is in-network for my plan?
You can check the online directory at or in the BCBSLA app for Apple and Android devices to see which doctors are in your plan’s network. Even if a BlueCare doctor is out-of-network for your plan, you can still pay the full $39 and have an online visit with that doctor. You will never pay more than $39 for a BlueCare visit.