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The Patient-centered Medical Home (PCMH) puts you at the center of your care. This video explains how:

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  • What is a Patient-centered Medical Home?

    A Patient-centered Medical Home is a model of care that encourages and strengthens the doctor-patient relationship by replacing fragmented, episodic and reactive disease focused care with organized, continuous and proactive care that is focused on preventing disease and preserving and restoring health. Each patient has a relationship with a primary care physician who leads a team with shared medical service duties, providing for the patient's entire spectrum of healthcare needs in a holistic manner while working with other medical providers in a coordinated and collaborative fashion.

    The medical home is meant to result in a more "patient-centric" approach to care delivery that promotes high-quality, personalized and effective care. A medical home achieves these goals through enhanced access to medical providers and services. It adds more coordination of care marked by heightened communication and engagement between patients and doctors by taking advantage of the latest technology to prescribe, communicate, track test results, get medical support information and measure and reward performance for improving outcomes while containing and reducing costs.

  • Why do we need medical homes and a new delivery model?

    The medical home is not a place or a building. It is a force of change and a way to coordinate our fragmented, uncoordinated system. This force is centered on strong primary care services. Our primary care system must be transformed to meet current and future demands from the challenges it faces from widespread chronic disease and a rapidly aging population. With a looming shortage of primary care physicians coupled with a growing burden of chronic disease, the need for a well-organized and effective primary care system of care is needed to reach the goals of better health, better care at a better cost.

  • The value of primary care

    • Lower per-person costs
    • Decreased emergency room visits
    • Reduced hospital admissions
    • Fewer unnecessary tests and procedures
    • Less preventable illness and injury
    • Higher patient satisfaction
    • Enhanced longevity and quality of life

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  • Quality Networks & Programs

    Get access to a network of quality doctors and more.

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  • Stability

    Count on us to pay your claims on time, to be here today and tomorrow.

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  • Wellness Benefits

    Take routine tests at no extra cost.

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  • Healthy Discounts

    Get deals on gym memberships and nutrition programs.

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  • Online Tools

    Find a doctor, view claims and statements, manage your medications and more.

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  • Patient-centered Medical Home

    Find information on how you and your doctor can work together to get better care.

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