Strength comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't.
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You can be Stronger Than any diagnosis or health condition. Find your strength with support from our team of nurses, dietitians and social workers.

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"My weight has always been a struggle. I kept promising to change, but the scale kept creeping up. I started smoking. I wore a size 32. I still had so much life ahead of me; I didn't want to spend it like this. My doctor suggested a health coach. She told me about free resources to quit smoking and helped me figure out portion sizes to eat healthy. I'm stronger now – I haven't smoked in four years. I've lost more than 100 pounds. I shop for clothes in regular sizes. I’ve moved past who I used to be – and have no intention of going back."


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"They say doctors make the worst patients – I was. Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure – and I skipped appointments, didn’t take medicine. My kidneys got so bad, I went on dialysis. When I didn’t answer my nurse’s calls, she came to the dialysis clinic. I told her I’m so sick, I can’t take care of my house and yard, and only work a few hours a day. She recommended physical therapy, and went to my first appointment with me. I got stronger. Today, I work full time and can mow my lawn! That doesn’t sound like a privilege in Louisiana summer, but to me, it’s a miracle."
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"I knew my high cholesterol put me at a higher risk for heart disease. I knew I needed to change. It just seemed too hard to start. Then, my triglycerides hit 1,274! 'High' levels start at 200. I called my nurse, frightened I was too far gone. She said we’d take this one day at a time – together. We started small, with easy diet changes. Then, we made an exercise plan, so I could get my levels down without drugs. After a month, my triglycerides dropped, and I’d lost weight. I will keep moving forward, with helping hands to guide me."
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"I've taken insulin for years. I'm usually on top of it. But, my work hours got cut, my children needed things, and I couldn't pay for it all. Insulin didn't seem important. I was otherwise healthy; I could handle this. But, my blood sugar jumped over 200. I felt dizzy, tired, thirsty. I was too embarrassed to tell my doctor I couldn't afford my medicine. Ashamed, I told my nurse the truth. He didn't judge - he helped me. He talked to my doctor, got me switched to a lower-cost insulin. Now, my levels are under 100. I feel stronger knowing I have a partner."
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With a team of in-house nurses, dietitians, pharmacists and social workers ready to educate, support and encourage you.
We stand with you on your journey to optimal health.

Living with Diabetes

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Bryan Taylor

Bryan Taylor, Nurse Practitioner

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What are you
Pregnant woman

Pregnancy Risk

Our maternity case managers will support you in having a safe pregnancy, lowering your risk for premature birth and delivery complications.


Our team can give you healthy eating tips, help you stick to your doctor’s treatment plan and set you up for success!


You’re not in this alone. Our nurses will help you manage side effects and help make things easier for you.
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You can kick the habit. We’ll stay with you throughout your quitting journey to set goals and share tools, tips and free resources.

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We’ll guide you through healthy weight loss with diet/nutrition advice, working exercise into your routine, meal planning and more.


We’ll support you on the path to better health, working with you to stay strong.