Hurricane Preparedness

Harvey Update, August 28, 2017:

Early Drug Refills Available to Members with Express Scripts Pharmacy Benefits

For a limited time, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana and HMO Louisiana are offering early refills on medications for members with Express Scripts pharmacy benefits so they can get needed medications refilled early if they had to evacuate, lost their medications or have limited access to their pharmacy.

Members who have trouble refilling a prescription can call the Pharmacy or Customer Service number on their ID cards, and Blue Cross and Express Scripts will facilitate the process with the pharmacy. This applies to members with an Express Scripts logo on their Blue Cross or HMO Louisiana ID card who have refills left on their prescriptions.

Members must still pay their usual copayment, deductible and coinsurance for all medications and all other standard procedures are still in place. Prior authorizations and step therapy procedures, if applicable, are still being enforced at this time.

Below are more tips to help you in the event of a storm. Here's how to stay connected:

Important healthcare documents.

My Online Account.

Blue Cross Mobile App: iPhone | Android

BlueCare (24/7 Online Doctor Visits): Desktop | iPhone | Android

Several days worth of your prescription medications on hand.

Employer's Insurance contact information, if applicable.

Authorized delegate form for all covered family members age 18 or older.

Be Safe. Be Prepared. card

Bookmark this webpage (ctrl + D).

Visit this webpage or call the Customer Service number on your ID card (Blue Employees: Call the number on the back of your badge for employee information).

Share your temporary address with Blue Cross.

Use Louisiana Hospital Inform or other online tools.

Include your policy number or contract number with your premium payment.