Quality Blue Primary Care (QBPC)

Changing Healthcare for the Better
Quality Blue Primary Care is designed to help Louisiana doctors better care for their patients with long-term health conditions.

A New Way of Caring for Long-term Conditions
Close to half of everyone in the United States lives with “chronic” or long-term health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease or kidney disease. That’s more than 145 million people.

Chronic diseases represent more than 75% of all healthcare costs in America. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is leading the way to help primary care doctors redesign healthcare for patients. We want to get better results for patients with long-term diseases.

Patients who receive their primary care services from a Quality Blue Primary Care (QBPC) provider will have the benefit of a full care team—both their own provider and the Blue Cross staff—working together to improve their health. Blue Cross will provide QBPC providers with the support and resources they need to work closely with their patients with certain chronic conditions. Patients will benefit from improved care coordination because their providers will have actionable data right at their fingertips to make the most of office visits and promote exceptional health outcomes. And Blue Cross will reward these providers for giving care that produces better health. Everyone wins!

Blue Cross is dedicated to meeting providers where they are in their practices for the QBPC Outcomes-based program and QBPC Claims-based Program. Both are aimed at improving the health of patients, boosting satisfaction of the practitioners and increasing cost savings for all.

Both options promote and enhance the identification and management of prevalent chronic diseases. Blue Cross contracts with practices and furnishes data and resources that enable proactive, efficient, high-quality care. In addition, these programs encourage value-based (as opposed to volume-based) practice methods by equipping providers with a performance-based payment structure and help to reduce costs through population health and enhanced communication between Blue Cross and the practice.

The bottom line:  QBPC will result in healthier patients, more satisfied providers and cost savings for all.

QBPC Program Types:

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