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Blue Max (2024)

Blue Max is a comprehensive health plan offered statewide, with extensive coverage for your peace of mind. It has several copayment, coinsurance and deductible plan options to meet your needs.

Preferred Care PPO



Blue Max


Here are some plan features and benefits:

  • Four-tier copayment and coinsurance structure, three-tier copayment and coinsurance structure, or a two-tier coinsurance structure for prescription drugs, depending on the plan you buy.

  • Drug deductibles range from $0-500, depending on the plan you buy. If there is no separate drug deductible, medical deductible applies.

  • We pay 100 percent of preventive care services in network.

  • For pediatric dental and vision, $0 for diagnostic and preventive dental and routine eye exams and hardware when received from a network doctor.

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