BlueSaver (2024)

When you choose an eligible BlueSaver high-deductible health plan, you can put money in a Health Savings Account (HSA)* that will help you pay your deductible and your share of covered medical expenses. An HSA may have tax benefits for you.

Preferred Care PPO





Here are some plan features and benefits:

  • No copayments.

  • Two-tier coinsurance structure for prescription drugs. Once your medical deductible is met, the amount of your coinsurance depends on the plan you buy.

  • No separate drug deductible; medical deductible applies.

  • We pay 100 percent of preventive care services in network.

  • For pediatric dental and vision, $0 for diagnostic and preventive dental and routine eye exams and hardware when received from a network doctor.

*HealthEquity, Inc. is an IRS authorized non-bank custodian of HSAs, and the preferred HSA custodian for eligible Blue Cross members enrolled in our high deductible health plans. Members who qualify may open an HSA with any HSA trustee or custodian and should seek guidance from a tax professional or financial advisor. See IRS Publication 969 for more about HSAs. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana and HealthEquity are not engaged in rendering tax, legal or investment advice.

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