Pediatric Wellness Benefits

We get it. Raising healthy, happy kids is hard and the healthiest choices aren’t always so clear.

We want to help you protect the health of your children. Click each icon at the top of this page to get tips to get or keep your child on the right path.

Do you have concerns about your child’s health and wellness?

  • Blue Cross has a wide variety of healthcare providers who treat children in our network. If you need help finding a doctor, dietitian or other healthcare provider for your child, visit our directory.
  • Blue Cross offers a treatment benefit for children ages 3 to 18 who are diagnosed as overweight or obese and covered under an eligible policy starting in January 2019 upon renewal of your plan. Find out more.
  • Have you noticed behavior changes in your child? Do you think it’s related to weight or eating behaviors? A behavioralist could help and be covered under Blue Cross’ treatment benefit for childhood obesity.


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