Pediatric Wellness Benefits

Wellness & Development

Regular pediatric wellness exams with your child’s doctor are an important part of keeping your child healthy. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends well-child visits each year from ages three to 21. Unlike sick visits, well-child visits cover a wide range of health needs, depending on your child’s age. The doctor will ask about your child’s development, give a physical exam and check vision, hearing, cholesterol and blood pressure at recommended ages. Many of these tests and services are available at no out-of-pocket cost when your child sees a network provider.

Well-child visits also give you a chance to ask questions. Not sure what you should talk about with your child's doctor or what they will look for? Print and complete these pre-visit questionnaires from the AAP and bring them to your child's next checkup.

Catch Up On Vaccines at Well-Child Visits
It's hard to watch your child get a shot, but vaccines will help your child stay protected against dangerous childhood diseases. Immunizations are scheduled throughout childhood, with many beginning within the first few months of life. Learn more about the vaccines your child should have. By following a regular schedule, and making sure a child is immunized at the right time, you are ensuring the best defense against dangerous childhood diseases. Meanwhile, here is what you, the parent, should know about immunizations.

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